Black Friday


From Friday to full week: what is Black Friday? What is its origin? Why does it have to be black?

BORN IN AMERICA: The American tradition has it that this day arrives the day after Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that in the USA is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

The pilgrim fathers gathered to thank God for the good harvest in 1621, in the city of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Almost four centuries later, in the 1960s, shopkeepers got into the habit of offering special discounts to incentivize shopping and kickstart Christmas shopping.

WHY BLACK: In the Italian translation it literally means "Black Friday" but this is not the true meaning to be appropriated to that day.

In the US at the time, the accounting records of shopkeepers were filled in with pen, using red ink for loss accounts and black for positive accounts.

Thanks to the promotions on Fridays after Thanksgiving, the bills always ended and decidedly in the black.


There is another version actually, it is said that the black would be caused by traffic on the streets and congestion in shops caused by thousands of Americans attracted by discounts of up to 80 percent, valid only that day.